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Garden Design Service

The perfect garden doesn't just happen, it needs planning.

Garden Planning

With the right design, your garden can be a source of pride, joy and satisfaction for years to come.

Designing your dream garden involves a series of stages, from initial consultation, through the design and planning of every detail and expert advice on implementing the plan.

When you commission Boeders Garden Design, you receive the best in horticultural expertise and innovative ideas.

Boeders Garden Design provide you with a thoroughly personalised garden design based not on preconceived ideas but on your wishes for your garden.



Before we visit, you will be sent out a questionnaire. The answers your provide will help us understand what you want for your new garden. So please take a moment to complete your questionnaire in full and be sure to talk it over with your partner or family as it will form the basis of your first consultation.

Initial On-Site Visit

During our on-site consultation visit, we will "walk and talk" the garden with you. Your consultant will begin by listening to what you want, making a thorough inspection of your outdoor space and will take into consideration all the practicalities.

Design Brief

This will list all aspects to be included in the design. It will form the agreement between Boeders Garden Design and the client.

Survey Plan

If required, a Boeders Garden Design consultant or a land surveyor will do a site survey to create a Survey Plan, which will show the house on its plot and all existing features. This plan is primarily for both Boeders Garden Design and any 3rd party contractor that may need to be engaged in your project.

Concept Plan

Based on the Design Brief and Survey Plan, your Boeders Garden Design Consultant will create a Concept Plan. This is sent to you for review and possible further discussion and may be subjected to minor revisions.  Our aim is to ensure we have both yours and our interests mutually aligned and clearly defined.

Detailed Plans

Boeders Garden Design Team draws up a detailed hard landscape plan showing all structural elements of the garden; a Schedule of Works will be prepared and Planting Plan detailing every plant to be used. It may be necessary to include Construction diagrams, Drainage and Setting-out Plans.  The detailed plans will also include any specified requirements required to address local council regulations.

Project Monitoring

Boeders Garden Design Staff can assist in both sourcing a suitable contractor and in project monitoring of your new gardens construction. This is a liaison between contractor, designer and client during the construction phase.

Follow Up Advisory and Maintenance Visit

Six months after the garden's completion, a Boeders Garden Design staff member will visit to review the garden's progress.


Boeders offers a custom-made to the buyer's specification garden designer service.

Every project varies according to both the clients' requirements and the aspect of the site. Design fees are priced accordingly, with each stage of the planning process and project monitoring carrying a separate fee. These fees cover the design process and on-site project monitoring.

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