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Reasons to use a Garden Designer

Realise the following benefits when using the services of a qualified Garden Designer.

1. You will obtain a garden that is functional for all the family.Garden Benefits

Nowhere to sit and enjoy the sun, to entertain your friends, or for the children to play?
A professional designer will consider the needs of all your family to create a garden that not only looks beautiful, but functions well.

2. You will ultimately save money and time by avoiding costly mistakes.

Bought a plant that can't survive your garden or one that grows faster than you prune?
Getting the right plants for your conditions makes the most of your money and reduces maintenance.

3. Identify and solve existing garden problems before they become worse.

A Professional Garden Designer will perform a thorough site analysis which will help avoid or correct problems such as poor drainage, noise, or wind damage.

4. Turn designs into reality.

A Professional Garden Designer will help you select the right contractor and monitor the project to ensure that the garden is built to the right specifications.

5. Achieve a unique look whilst creating a valuable asset.

A professional garden designer will ensure the garden reflects your own personality and style. A properly designed and installed garden will add value to your property, and provide an excellent return on your investment.

Why use a Garden Designer?

People are increasingly recognising the value of the garden: as a pleasurable asset in its own right and as a place to entertain and relax or cultivate favourite plants or vegetables. For the inexperienced, however, creating a useful and attractive garden can be a fraught process: inappropriate or incompatible plants are chosen; materials used for paving and seating are unsuitable; maintenance becomes a lengthy chore.

The whole project becomes time-consuming and costly without ever beginning to fulfil the basic needs, let alone the dreams, of those who embarked upon it. The result? A disappointing garden which adds to the owners' woes instead of offering a refuge from them...

Boeders Garden Designers use their technical knowledge and creative insight to incorporate all the required functions of the garden into a practical and pleasurable outdoor space - preventing costly mistakes in the process.

The role of the Garden Designer

After assessing the site with regard to such considerations as soil type, climate, surrounding landscape and existing features and planting, the Garden Designer’s job is then to interpret the client’s ideas and needs and to produce designs to fulfil these requirements and enable the garden to be constructed within the budget available.

The designer may then suggest landscape contractors able to construct the design, and monitor progress. (Sometimes clients may choose to build the garden themselves. Boeders Garden Designers specialise in design but are also happy to oversee the implementation of the approved design.)

The Garden Design Process

The garden design process can be broken down into simple stages, available as individual services or as a combined package.

  • Consultation and brief
  • Site analysis and line and level survey
  • Preparation of outline plans
  • Planting plans and schedules
  • Specifications and construction drawings
  • Monitoring of construction and planting


Charges are made for each stage of the process, the fees being dependent on the nature and complexity of the work. Precise costs vary considerably, but as an indication, getting from initial consultation to presentation of detailed plans would cost a few hundred dollars for most small to medium sized gardens.


Designers each have their own distinctive style, but we will endeavor to provide a friendly, professional service and a cost-effective solution to your particular garden design requirements. At Boeders Garden Designs, we serve a discerning clientele who are often design-literate, though not necessarily in the garden context.


Never feed a dry lawn - the fertiliser is more likely to burn the surviving grass. If you plan on sowing new lawns, autumn is the optimum time for this, but preparation can start now. The quality of a new lawn can be directly linked to the amount of effort put into preparation. Level the area, cultivate it, remove all green cover and keep hoeing off successive waves of germinating weeds.


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